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Dreams and visions

Saturday morning I woke up in the middle of a dream. I was on a peninsula surrounded by warm coral blue water. There I was snorkelling and the most beautiful fish I had ever seen were swimming around me. It was so peaceful, beautiful and warm. A real paradise.

But I was only there in my dream, slowly waking up to another reality.

It's interesting about dreams, how much of them we remember or, conversely, how much we don't remember. Because of course we dream, we all do, every night. But it's rare that we remember our dreams in the way I did on Saturday. That dream affected me all day and still affects me. I bring up the feeling I had in the dream, when it's raining too much outside or when I'm feeling scattered. And it works. I immediately feel better. Just wondering how dreams that we don't remember affect us? Could they be a reason why some days are tougher or better than others?

Thought of the day:

How do you influence your dreams and how do they influence you?

This article is part of The 50 day challenge, where I challenge myself to write an article a day for 50 days! The articles can be about anything, short or long, but I can't miss a single day!

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  • Candles and fluffy sweaters

    It has been raining and the sky has been grey for many, many days now. It affects me and it affects others. Fortunately, I can find one pleasure in the autumn weather and that is to light candles, lots of candles, to make it as cosy as it can get when there is autumn debris outside. And just before bedtime, it's almost a must to curl up on the couch wearing a fluffy sweater with a warm cup of tea on my lap.

  • Homesickness

    I knew that our move to Sweden would be tough on many levels, but I hadn't predicted this cruel homesickness. I don't even dare to think about Sunnvale because it hurts so much not to be there anymore. Obviously it's much harder to move away from something you love and give up that life, for something you know very little about or don't have such positive memories of. In our case, we are moving to something new-old. Having the energy to start over here is a challenge. And in that situation, homesickness comes knocking. But I don't dare open the door, not yet.

  • Writing about yourself in the third person

    Have you ever written or talked about yourself in the third person? It feels rather suspicious! Especially when you write about yourself for a sales purpose. Now that I'm building my business from the ground up, this was exactly the kind of task I was given earlier today:

    "Johanna is a certified yoga and prenatal yoga teacher, holistic lifestyle coach and doula. She is passionate about all things related to preventative health, has a special focus on helping pregnant women, and sees yoga and nature as the best sources for re-energizing and maintaining a balance in everyday life."

  • Meeting with myself

    In my calendar today "Meeting with Johanna" was booked. Unfortunately, I did exactly what you absolutely should not do. I ignored that meeting and did something that I felt was more urgent. I tried to catch up and tick off things on my long to do list instead. Now I'm sitting here at night wondering how I could have been so stupid. That to do list will always be there, just with slightly different content from day to day. I would never ignore and disregard a meeting with someone else if it is booked in my calendar, so why did I not prioritize the meeting with myself today?

  • Does full moon affect you sleep?

    The moon affects us more than we might think. Even in ancient farming society, the light from the full moon was used for various outdoor activities such as harvesting, hunting and fishing.

    Traditionally, the full moon has been thought to have supernatural properties, including the ability to summon sinister creatures and turn people into werewolves. Just the thought of it could induce insomnia, but several research reports suggest that sleep problems at full moon are not just a hoax.

  • We are energy creatures!

    What a neat word, energy creatures! We live in a world full of energy and we ourselves are also part of that world.

    Earlier today, during a work project, I really felt how this energy clearly can change and how quickly it can happen. For a few days we have been sitting 10 people in a large office and there has been a very positive energy, despite a boring project. We've been working on it and somehow made the boring feel okay. Now, as the project draws to a close, we are suddenly told that we will not be reimbursed for the last day. Because we have worked so well, the tasks will end earlier than expected. When this news reached us in the office, it was as if the air had completely gone out of the room. You could almost feel the energy. Everyone started to work more slowly, the positive spirit just disappeared and no one felt motivated to do a good job anymore. The damage was already done when the employer found out how we, who were working, were taking it all. Despite attempts by the employer to repair the damage, it made no difference to the energy in the room.

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