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What do you do with your 24 hours?

Each day has 24 hours.

We all know that. It's not news. To feel good, we need to prioritize between the basic needs we all have and our other interests, so that these 24 hours are enough. The problem we all face, however, is that these 24 hours never seem to be enough. There is so much we must do and there is so much we want do. So what do we do?

We prioritize, consciously or unconsciously. Many of us cut back on time in the kitchen, time in bed, time on the move, time to ourselves and instead prioritize more time at work, more time in front of the computer, more time to be wherever we feel we need to be. There are so many opportunities and so much information in today's society that somewhere must realize that you can't be the best at everything, nor can you be everywhere. It just doesn't work! Everyone has to ask: Do my priorities lead to my goals? Do I feel good about the lifestyle I have? Where am I going?

If I make it very simple, our basic needs look something like this; we all need food, sleep, movement and a goal (a reason to want to wake up every morning and also enjoy and be grateful for the life we live) every day! In addition, we need money to meet these needs.

What happens if do not you give priority to these basic needs? Poorer diet, poorer quality/quantity of sleep, high stress levels, sedentary lifestyles and no personal goals... Does it feel familiar?

So how do you find balance in your life?

How do you make the time last? Why do people burn themselves out, lose interest, speed up without getting anywhere? Because they don't take the time to set goals, they don't dare to stop and breathe, because they do not give priority to basic needs. It is extremely important to realize that you cannot avoid prioritizing basic needs in the long run. Nutritious diet, quality sleep, movement and "just be" time when you can reflect on your goals, are all essential!

Working too much will hopefully give you more money, but will money in the bank make you happy, if that money, on its way to the bank account, has put you out of balance? It's fine as long as it gives you energy! But that energy input can stop at any time if you're living on the margins of your basic needs. Is it worth it? Who are you living for? Why are you maxing out? What do you want to prove? That you're good enough? For whom, for yourself, for someone else? Where are you going? Where is society going? Is it cool to always have a fast pace?

More and more people in today's society are starting to realize that it's actually cooler to take care of yourself than to constantly keep a high pace with too many balls in the air all the time!

Is it time for a timeout in your life?

Try to find the balance between Wants/Needs, Doing/Acting and Producing/Existing. Meet your basic needs first. I would like to refer back to my previous article 7 good habits, for effective adults and happy children especially Habit 3 (Do the most important thing first - Work first, then play) and Habit 7 (Keep your tools sharp - Balance is best).

In practice, it's all about planning and routines. Sounds incredibly dry and boring. But it works. Plan your time and create routines that work in your life. Prioritize so that you live the life you want to live! Take care of yourself and be a role model for others around you.

Good luck!!

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